Recent Calls
Fri. Aug 23rd 2019
We assisted Advance Fire Department with a building fire off Baltimore Road on Friday evening.
Tue. Aug 13th 2019
Our department responded to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection for Howardtown Circle and US HWY 158. Units arrived on scene to find a two car mva with a entrapment. Members of the fire depar...
Tue. Jun 18th 2019
Our department alone with Cornazter-Dulin, & Farmington were dispatched to 3492 US HWY 158 for a building fire. Davie County Sheriff Officer arrived on scene and confirmed a working fire. E1 arriv...
News Headlines
Thu. Aug 1st 2019
We have made another milestone in the history of the department. Over the past five years, members have worked hard to obtain the training and equipment for our department to meet the North Carolina A...
Tue. Jul 30th 2019
Our department alone with Cornazter-Dulin, Farmington and Davie County Fire Marshall Office trained on turbo draft operations. Thanks for Courtney Fire Chief Barry Willard for helping with the trainin...


If you are interested in joining the Smith Grove Fire Department, whether paid or just to volunteer, stop by the station, ask any qustions you may have, fill out an application, get to know our members. A background check is required from the courthouse. Once a month applications for membership are voted on by our Board of Directors.

We do have some paid employees, but most of us are VOLUNTEERS. No one has to be a volunteer firefighter. The public doesn't look at us as volunteers though. They expect us to be professional in what we do. They pay us through their taxes, although we receive no money ourselves. We cannot operate with tax money alone. To be able to buy equipment we also have to have several fund raisers throughout the year. Each Firefighter has approx. $2000 worth of equipment when issued turnout gear, helmet and a pager. You also have Life Insurance, and Workers Comp. Insurance money has to be saved for new trucks and other equipment to stay prepared for whatever may confront us. The more maintenance and work we do around the station ourselves the more money we will have to buy equipment that is needed.


As Firefighters we need to be ready to assist the public to the best of our abilities whenever called upon. Since firefighting is a hazardous profession we need to protect ourselves as well. The only way to do this is to train regularly. We need to review old procedures so we don't forget them, plus learn new and better procedures when they are developed. Our lives depend on it....

We meet every Tuesday night at 7pm.

Fire Department requirements for membership:


- At least 18 years old

- Have a valid NC driver license

- Completed fire department application

- Attend 72 hours of fire training each year ( Dec 1-Nov 30)

- Attend 24 calls a year ( Dec 1- Nov 30)

- With-in twelve months must have completed NFPA 1403 class & working towards NC level II firefighter


Junior Firefighter:

- At least 14-17 years old

- Be in good standing with the school system

- At age 16 start working towards NC level II firefighter

- Must maintain a "C" average in school


Both firefighters and junior firefighters are on six month probation. For more information you may email us at


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